Vibrant Vietnam

Vibrant Vietnam

Vietnam is a country on the move! Her considerable attractions, staggering physical beauty, rich traditional cultures and exuberant people; have until recently been overshadowed by its conflict-ridden past. But how much do you really know about Vietnam and its cities? Read on to learn more.


Danang,, is a port city known for its restaurants, nightlife and beaches. The Marble Mountains, located in Danang, are five marble hillocks that were once islands. Each is said to represent one of the five elements of the universe: water, wood, fire, gold and earth. The largest and most famous, Thuy Son, houses a number of ancient Buddhist sanctuaries. According to Lonely Planet, Danang is Vietnam’s most happening city, emerging from decades of being considered less cultural and recommends a time in Danang as an opportunity to spend time off of the typical tourist trail…

Ho Chi Minh City

Still known as Saigon by most locals, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and its commercial hub. The city blends both traditional Vietnamese culture with northern and western influence to make a truly unique city to visit. Visit the famous Cu Chi tunnels, an amazing 155-mile underground tunnel network built by Vietnamese guerrilla fighters during the war, dug entirely by hand.


Traveling to Hue via the Pass of Clouds is as memorable as your time in this ancient city. Between 1802 and 1945, Hue was Vietnam’s Imperial City and today is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A visit to Hue must include the Thien Mu pagoda, Hue’s most revered religious monument. Lonely Planet calls Hue a charming place to visit, a perfect combination of new and old, with modern homes juxtaposed against century-old Citadel walls. Tranquil and conservative, Hue is undergoing a revival to bring back its royal splendor.