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Montenegro Ultimate Travel Guide: Things You Need To Know

Why Montenegro Should be Your Next Travel Destination   Are you looking for a unique, historic and memorable location for your next holiday? With expansive views, crystal clear water, historic towns and endless opportunities for adventure, Montenegro could be the perfect destination for your next travel experience. Montenegro is located on the stunning Balkan Peninsula in Southwestern Europe, off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is one of Europe’s smallest countries, with less than 650,000 people calling the seaside oasis home. Montenegro’s coastal towns host some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country – known for their

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Slovenia’s must-see natural and historic attractions

  Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, is a lush and picturesque nation renowned for its cultural and biological diversity.  Bordering Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and southeast and Hungary to the northeast, Slovenia covers 7,827 square miles. Tucked within Slovenia’s remarkable landscapes are over 4,300 miles of hiking trails and 84 square miles of vineyards. Travelers enjoying Nature Expeditions International’s newest destination can look forward to days filled with exploring Slovenia’s famous architecture, castles, gastronomy and soft adventure activities. Formed in 1991 after the dissolution of Yugloslavia, Slovenia is still a new

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Hiking and history Croatia and Montenegro

Situated at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia is blessed with enough topnotch attractions to guarantee the visitor an unending succession of highlights. Cultural treasures include stunning Roman, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, superb wines and cuisine, storybook castles, rich folk music traditions and impressive museums and galleries. Natural history and hiking enthusiasts will marvel at the spectacular scenery and unique setting of Plitvice, one of the most impressive national parks in the world. Island-seeking hikers and wine connoisseurs will be enthralled not only by glamorous, idyllic Hvar, but also by Mljet, an extraordinarily beautiful island paradise

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