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Top 7 Winter Ecotourism Destinations

Please note: due to COVID-19, some destinations may not be open for tourism or may have entry restrictions in 2021 and 2022. With the change of seasons from summer to autumn, travelers start to plan their winter vacations. This year, where do you picture yourself? Will warm sand and brilliant sunsets be enough? The NEI traveler imagines upscale ecotourism adventures in places like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,  Indo-China, Patagonia and India, where you’ll enjoy unique cultures, active “soft” adventures (hiking, kayaking, rafting, bicycling), incredible wildlife and meaningful educational lectures. Here, learn more about NEI’s seven top upscale ecotourism destinations.

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Galapagos Travel Advice

Most nature and wildlife lovers dream of visiting the Galapagos Islands at least once during their lifetime. At NEI, we’ve been arranging Galapagos adventures since the early 1980s and were one of the founding members of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association. In this post, we share some detailed advice on how to plan the best possible experience in the islands. GALAPAGOS ISLANDS – Background Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the remote Galapagos Archipelago offers a unique opportunity to observe and study an incredible variety of wildlife and intriguing flora in one of the Earth’s greatest natural laboratories.

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What to Know Before You Visit Brazil

Brazil is an enchanting country: its people are magical, their culture-rich, and the natural history unrivaled.  Most travelers already know about the Amazon rainforest and Rio de Janeiro’s spectacular beaches.  But far fewer people know much about Brazilian culture.  We’d like to therefore mention a few words about Brazil’s people, music, cuisine, sports and beach mentality.  And while we’re at it, we’ll also address some do’s and don’ts! The People & their Love of Music Brazilians are famous for their warmth and unique ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  Seemingly without provocation, they’ll begin singing and dancing with infectious

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