Bagan and Beyond

Is Myanmar on your bucket list? NEI’s 13-day tour takes you, not only to Bagan, but to several of Myanmar’s most memorable places. Isolated from the outside world, Myanmar is a country rich in cultural and religious traditions. Most famous for its exotic temples, pagodas and monasteries, Myanmar is also remembered by travelers for the Burmese people. Uninfluenced by Western traditions, farmers, fishermen, women and monks alike are all quick to smile at visitors as they carry out century old traditions. Here are fascinating facts about three of Myanmar’s and Cambodia’s top destinations. Inle Lake At more than 900 meters

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Chile: a wealth of adventure

Holding a wealth of interest for the adventurer, Chile is an ideal travel destination for the natural history enthusiast and cultural traveler alike. Glaciers, rainforest, volcanoes, crystalline blue lakes, windy steppes and the driest desert on earth all converge to offer an unbelievable mix of topographies. But travelers will also encounter rich cultures among the Atacamenos of the desert and among the proud Mapuches of Chile’s beautiful lake district. While some travelers go to Chile during the summer months (December through March), spring (September through November) is a pleasant time to visit South America. Lush and green, NEI offers a

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Slovenia’s must-see natural and historic attractions

  Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, is a lush and picturesque nation renowned for its cultural and biological diversity.  Bordering Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and southeast and Hungary to the northeast, Slovenia covers 7,827 square miles. Tucked within Slovenia’s remarkable landscapes are over 4,300 miles of hiking trails and 84 square miles of vineyards. Travelers enjoying Nature Expeditions International’s newest destination can look forward to days filled with exploring Slovenia’s famous architecture, castles, gastronomy and soft adventure activities. Formed in 1991 after the dissolution of Yugloslavia, Slovenia is still a new

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