Greenland’s Northern Lights

There are dozens of myths and legends associated with the Aurora Borealis. From Finland to Norway and Canada to Greenland different native peoples have different stories about what the dancing lights are. Some believe them to be an omen of war; others say the lights are spirits playing with a dead walrus skull. In Eastern Greenland the traditional belief is that the lights are the spirits of children who died at birth. There are many legends associated with the Northern Lights in Greenland. Scoresbysund, the world’s longest fjord system, beckons you to explore Greenland. Enticing you with some of the world’s

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Colombia: perfect for adventure travelers seeking history, beaches and nightlife

As a veteran of the adventure travel industry, I’ve always prided myself on keeping an open mind about destinations that haven’t yet caught on among North American travelers. I see now that my pride has been misplaced: it took me until two months ago to visit Colombia and to fully appreciate the magnitude of my oversight! It’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria of traveling and to quickly draw exaggerated conclusions. But I find that I’m still enthusiastic about Colombia. I was particularly impressed with Cartagena which, along with Antigua, Guatemala, is the most impressive and well-preserved Spanish

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Aboriginals, Convicts and the Outback: Exploring Australia’s Cultural Past

The strong desire of Americans and Australians to explore each other’s countries points to one conclusion:  no two other nations so far apart geographically, are so close culturally.  While uniquely Australian, the country’s culture evolved from British tradition, as did America’s.  The majority of the Australian population is of European origin and before World War II, more than 90% were of British decent.  With only five people per square mile, Australia is considered one of the least densely populated countries.  Nearly 80% of Australia’s 17 million people live in cities, with the largest number of inhabitants in Sydney. English is

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