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1. How long have you been operating tours?

Nature Expeditions International (NEI) began operating tours in 1973 and has since provided thousands of active, inquisitive travelers with adventurous natural history, cultural and wildlife expeditions around the world. For over 45 years, we have continually researched unique destinations to create expeditions that satisfy our travelers' desires for safe, stimulating and educational adventures.

2. How do NEI tours differ from other tours?

NEI tours differ in four main ways. First, they offer more variety of soft adventure. Our travelers have a choice of at least 3 or 4 different types of low intensity adventure, each carefully tailored for active, healthy persons over 40. Moreover, travelers may instead opt for a cultural or wildlife viewing excursion if they prefer. Sample adventures include hiking, bicycling, whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, hot air ballooning, elephant and camel trekking, zipline canopy excursions, glacier trekking, game drives, canoeing and dune surfing.

Second, NEI’s cultural experiences are richer and involve much more than simply visiting must-see sights. Our travelers might enjoy, for example, a private tango lesson, cooking workshop, an Andean music seminar, Tai Chi or yoga lesson, an Aboriginal dot painting workshop, a Rapa Nui dance or stone carving lesson, an art or literary tour, tea ceremony or a meeting with a Dongba Shaman priest or Andean mystical healer. In many countries, we even offer optional Volunteer Service Projects that will make your adventure even more rewarding!

Third, NEI tours are highly educational, offering 2 optional lectures for most destinations. We offer these lecture options even for independent travelers, not only for group travelers.

Fourth, NEI tours are highly flexible. Our travelers can depart on virtually any date they choose (within season) and we will guarantee the departure with a minimum of two travelers - i.e. no cancellation risk from our end. We are also happy to customize the itinerary to meet our traveler's preferences, emphasizing wildlife viewing, culture, soft adventure or a mix of these activities.

3. What is your definition of soft adventure? Are your adventures suitable for children?

Our adventures are low intensity, carefully tailored for active, healthy persons over 40. For example, rafting excursions use class 2–3 rivers (class 5 is most difficult). Bicycling excursions use smooth roads with little traffic and minimal inclines. Kayaking trips take place in protected coves or tranquil rivers. Many of our adventures are suitable for older children and teenagers.

4. Who will lead my trip?

NEI employs the services of some of the most educated, competent, and affable naturalist guides available. On many tours, you may have several local guides along the way, each of whom will provide you with personal insight into their area's natural and cultural history. If you have a particular trip focus, such as birding or botany, we will work with you to provide the established guide whose background, education, and training will best match your specific needs.

5. What memberships and affiliations does NEI maintain?

NEI is one of the founding members of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA). We are also members of the African Wildlife Foundation, the International Ecotourism Society, the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida (where we have an A+ rating), IGLTA, Galapagos Conservancy and IATAN.

6. What is the profile of your typical traveler?

Our travelers mainly come from the United States and Canada and they have a wide variety of backgrounds. Most are well-educated, inquisitive, enthusiastic people who share common interests in such areas as soft adventure, natural history, cultural anthropology and geographical exploration. For NEI's land-based programs, over half of our participants are between the ages of 40 and 70. They travel as singles, couples, families, groups of friends and pre-formed groups such as museum travel groups and college alumni groups. Our adventure cruising travelers are generally slightly older. Above all, NEI travelers are explorers who are looking to immerse themselves in an environment altogether different from their own.

7. What kind of accommodations can I expect?

We believe in a philosophy of "adventure by day, comfort by night". We typically use first class (4 star) or deluxe (5 star) hotels or deluxe tented camps with a local flavor. Our deluxe tented camps and jungle eco-lodges all have private bathrooms with hot water and flush toilettes. For travelers who are more budget-minded, we will gladly arrange tours using tourist class (3 star) hotels.

8. What are the benefits of your independent travel programs?

As with group tours, NEI's independent tours include airport transfers and sightseeing excursions with expert guides. However, the NEI independent traveler receives more personalized service than a member of a group. Moreover, we can customize the itinerary to meet traveler's preferences with regard to activities (adventure, cultural or wildlife excursions), travel dates and hotel categories. We will also guarantee our departures with a minimum of two travelers - no cancellation risk from our end.

9. How will you help me prepare for my trip?

From recommended reading lists and destination travel guides to visa and health information, we deliver the most current pre-departure travel information possible, allowing you the opportunity to gain the most out of your travel experience.

10. How can I learn more about NEI or the specific trip I am interested in?

To learn more about our company, tours or destinations, please e-mail us info@naturexp.com or call us toll free at 800 869-0639. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and to help you create your next adventure.