Chile: a wealth of adventure

  Holding a wealth of interest for the adventurer, Chile is an ideal travel destination for the natural history enthusiast and cultural traveler alike. Glaciers, rainforest, volcanoes, crystalline blue lakes, windy steppes and the driest desert on earth all converge to offer an unbelievable mix of topographies. But travelers will also encounter rich cultures among [...]

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croatia tours

Hiking and history Croatia and Montenegro

Situated at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia is blessed with enough topnotch attractions to guarantee the visitor an unending succession of highlights. Cultural treasures include stunning Roman, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, superb wines and cuisine, storybook castles, rich folk music traditions and impressive museums and galleries. Natural history and hiking [...]

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cultural holidays in slovenia europe

Slovenia’s must-see natural and historic attractions

Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, is a lush and picturesque nation renowned for its cultural and biological diversity.  Bordering Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and southeast and Hungary to the northeast, Slovenia covers 7,827 square miles. Tucked within Slovenia’s remarkable landscapes are over 4,300 miles of hiking [...]

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jewish heritage tours in china

Jewish Heritage Excursions in China

Many people have no idea of the fascinating and important Jewish history that took place within China. Others have a general sense but would like to learn more. NEI is now a position to offer anything from a small dose/taste of Jewish heritage excursions in China up to a dedicated tour that incorporates Jewish aspects on [...]

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new Jewish Heritage cruises

Jewish Heritage Tours and Cruises in Central Europe

Nature Expeditions International has recently expanded the number of land based excursions and cruises that focus on Jewish heritage, history and culture. As a region, Central Europe is, of course, particularly well-suited for this theme. In terms of cruising, we are working with our luxury cruise partner AmaWaterways to bring Jewish heritage excursions to our [...]

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jewish heritage tours in india

Jewish Heritage Tours in Mumbai and Kochi, India

India seldom comes to mind when people think of Jewish culture and history, yet the centers of Mumbai and Kochi offer a fascinating glimpse of significant Jewish heritage and cultural sites in India. Jewish Heritage Tour in Kochi Kochi city is rich in Jewish history and here you can learn how and why Jews came to this remote area during the time [...]

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Cuzco, the Amazon & Machu Picchu: three stars of Peruvian travel (plus Amazing Trip Offer)

South America is one of the most scenic, naturally diverse and culturally interesting regions of the world. Nowhere is this richness portrayed more vividly than in Peru, land of the ancient Incas. Within its borders lie coastal desert and parts of the world’s most extensive rain forest  Between these two zones stand the Andes, the longest [...]

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the red centre and Ayers Rock in Australia

5 Amazing Australian Experiences

For an off-the-beaten track experience, consider Australia for your next vacation. With NEI, our low intensity adventures and cultural experiences offer a perfect balance of excitement and education. In honor of May Day in Australia (a local holiday in the Northern Territory commemorating the granting of the eight-hour working day for Australians dating back to [...]

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how to volunteer in China

Voluntourism: 7 ways to make the world a better place

Voluntourism, or volunteering while on holiday, is an opportunity many travellers seek out when visiting another country. It first gained popularity in the early 1960s, when the United States Peace Corps was formed, and according to recent data from the the Travel Industry Association of America, more than 55 million Americans have included volunteer experiences [...]

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Greenland’s Northern Lights

There are dozens of myths and legends associated with the Aurora Borealis. From Finland to Norway and Canada to Greenland different native peoples have different stories about what the dancing lights are. Some believe them to be an omen of war; others say the lights are spirits playing with a dead walrus skull. In Eastern [...]

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