NEW: Exclusive Fly & Cruise Antarctic Vacations

NEI's new Antarctic Fly and Cruise itineraries

NEI invites you to explore one of the most remote places on earth, the coldest, highest, windiest, driest and most inhospitable continent.

Getting to know and contemplate this yet unexplored continent has been the goal and dream of many adventurers who are not satisfied with simply imagining what it would feel like to traverse its ice caps and who have made up their minds to visit this wildlife paradise. The Antarctic Continent keeps many hidden surprises for those who visit it. Most often it is the turbulent Drake Passage that intimidates travellers – this infamous and treacherous 600 mile wide waterway often takes up to 2 days to cross. But now with NEI and our new Fly and Cruise packages, it is now possible for you to accomplish your desire to travel to this remote continent and experience the extraordinary emotion of going where others still dream about. By combining a short flight between Punta Arenas and the Chilean Station Frei you too can explore Antarctica.

When you book this exciting new tour by November 30, 2012, NEI is offering a $1,110pp discount on select departures. Click here for itinerary details.

Watch this exciting video for an inside look at this new and exclusive Antarctic adventure.

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